Prudential Management Associate Programme (MAP)

Prudential means insurance right? Well, yes. But it’s so much more than you think.

Each year, Prudential takes in a cohort of high achievers for accelerated development along a defined career pathway through the Prudential Management Associate Programme (MAP). We do this because the relationships and connections that you, our future leaders, build over the course of the programmes will one day determine the strength and success of our company.

When you are selected to become part of Prudential’s MAP, you are put on a leadership career pathway. We will stretch, grow and mentor you. We’ll send you back to school for a professional qualification, rotate you across the company, then throw you in the deep end, but always with the support of our people around you.

Accelerated Development Accelerated Development
We’ll teach you how to lead and manage.
Mentorship EN Mentorship
You’ll need to build relationships with our existing management team if you’re going to step into their shoes.
Cross-divisional Projects Cross-divisional Projects
Apart from your daily roles, you will collaborate with others in projects that will stretch and raise your game.
Functional Rotations Functional Rotations
You’ll get the chance to rotate across departments of the company. If you want to lead it someday, you’ll have to know how all the pieces come together.
Investment in Your Growth Investment in Your Growth
We’ll send you back to school to get accredited by the Associate Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII), UK.
Be Part of the Prudential Family Be Part of the Prudential Family
We’ll provide lots of opportunities for you to meet, have fun and get to know others at all levels within the company. It’s not just socialising. It’s relationship building.


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Prudential Business Internship (PBI)

The Prudential Business Internship (PBI) is for students who desire expertise and competency in a specific area of what we do such as Marketing, Finance or Strategic Planning. As you develop subject matter expertise in a real role,
we will supplement this with comprehensive development episodes.

Chart your personal aspirations, apply your domain knowledge in a real, commercial context and understand what is in our relentless drive towards excellence that ultimately distinguishes our people from our competitors.

Face Time with the Leadership Team Face Time with the Leadership Team
What better way to learn to lead than shadowing one of the decision makers?
Comprehensive Induction Experience Comprehensive Induction Experience
You’ll receive an overview of what makes Prudential great and what it takes to keep it that way.
Lead and Design a Capstone Project Lead and Design a Capstone Project
Show your mettle to the management team through a project that will make a real difference to the way we work.
Subject Matter Expertise Subject Matter Expertise
Be the “go to” person performing a real business role.
Mentorship Mentorship
Receive guidance, counsel and job-specific advice from the ones who came before you.


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Career Opportunities

A career with Prudential is meant to be challenging yet exciting. We are looking for exceptional individuals who can rise to the occasion and are looking to be the difference. If you think you make the cut, check out our career opportunities here.

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